Grand Theft Auto V has been rolled out more than two years already, but there are still a lot of hidden tricks in the game that players have yet to uncover. Some players, for instance, have discovered a secret phone number and a hidden Luis Lopez photo.

Cellphone Trick

A Redditor shared the cheat code another player has unearthed.

What users need to do is to key in 1-999-367-3737 (translates as 1999EMPDROP) on the in-game cell phone. Upon dialing the number and entering the first-person mode, the cheat code will say "Black Cellphone." Users will then perceive the sound of an EMP explosion in the sky. The phone's appearance will also change upon performing the trick (it will go from green to black). The phone will also appear bigger, but it is currently unclear why such changes happen.

It is worth noting that the cheat code works well with the three game characters in single-player mode using current-generation consoles or the PC. The trick does not work online, however. It is also not yet known if the trick will also work for last-generation consoles.

Kotaku has uploaded a video showing the trick in action.

Luis Lopez Photo

Another GTA fan has found the secret location of Luis Lopez in an office building.

The photo can be uncovered inside Solomon Richard's office. However, prior to unlocking the secret building, players need to complete The Mount Chiliad murder mystery first.

Tip: The photo is on the right of Richard's picture.

The character was also spotted in Jimmy De Santa's room, on a magazine's cover page.

GTA V Mod For PC Goes 4K

In December last year, GTA V game got a cool new mod, but only for PC.

The Pinnacle of V brought the game more than just enhanced graphics. The free mod is actually a whole new experience of GTA 5 with the 4K textures. 

Most Pirated Game Online

GTA 5 is the most favored video game among software pirates, particularly those who are using their company's Internet connection.

BitSight Insight said this in a report that aimed to assess cybersecurity awareness at more than 30,000 companies.

Apart from the video game, Adobe Photoshop was also said to be popular among pirates.

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