Gett is definitely upping the ante in its competition with Uber, taking it to the ride-sharing service conglomerate with its latest promotion.

On Wednesday, Gett, the on-demand, app-based black car and taxi service based in New York City, launched its "Better Fares than Uber or Your Money Back" guarantee in the Big Apple, promising to get customers to their destination with less money than it'd cost them with its rival.

Gett is so confident that it's saying if it fails to deliver on that promise, customers can email their Uber receipt to for a complimentary ride credit.

This follows Gett's already-impressive $10 rides below 110th Street in busy Manhattan for New Yorkers. Wednesday's promotion launch, though, allows Gett to fully stand by its claim of being a lower-cost alternative to Uber, going as far as to make a money back guarantee against the biggest player in the ride-sharing space.

The way the promotion will work, according to Digital Trends, is users will open the Gett app — on either iOS or Android device — and select the same vehicle based on an Uber trip.

For example, Gett has set the Gett Standard as the equivalent of the Uber X, the Gett Premium for the Uber Black and the Gett SUV for the Uber Black SUV.

From there, users would type in their destination for their Uber trip and compare Gett's price. If Gett's price isn't lower as promised, customers can simply email their Uber receipt and receive their complimentary ride.

Anything to save a buck in New York City is worth a try. It's a smart promotion.

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