Virgin Galactic Unveils Fashionable New Flight Suits


Virgin Galactic is set to unveil a new spaceship next month, and now, it has a suit to match that ship.

Virgin Galactic partnered up with Y-3 for the creation of the new flight suits. Y-3 is a collaboration between Adidas and a Japanese fashion designer called Yohji Yamamoto. This particular project was led by Adam Wells, design head at Virgin Galactic.

What's interesting about the suits is that they're somewhat subtle — more than you would expect from Virgin, a company known for its bright reds and purples. The suits are all black, with zippers that run up and around both the torso and legs.

The boots that go with the suits do offer some color, but only in the form of the blue Virgin Galactic logo, which sits on each boot tongue. The boots are made from a fire-resistant material and make use of Adidas' AdiPrene insoles.

It's not yet known if the suits will be worn by passengers who have forked over the $250,000 deposit to fly aboard the ship, however, those customers will be getting a limited edition jacket that is also a product of the partnership between Y-3 and Virgin Galactic.

Of course, the future of Virgin Galactic remains to be seen, especially after the catastrophe that took the life of a pilot in October 2014.

Via: The Verge

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