Silicon Valley is so cliché. According to a cover photo (below) for Bloomberg Businessweek, the male residents of Northern California's Silicon Valley are carbon-copied clones.

The shot for the latest issue's cover story, "In Defense Of The Silicon Valley Tech Bro," features all the stereotypes that would sum up Silicon Valley.

The guy is wearing Google Glass and a quirky smile, Beats by Dre headphones draping his neck. A hoodie covers his Y Combinator logo t-shirt, as he shows off a TechCrunch Disrupt badge.

Stereotypical props include a ping-pong paddle, a Razor scooter and Vibram FiveFingers shoes. The Silicon Valley bro has a Blue Bottle Coffee in hand— a staple of San Francisco—as he walks is dog that wears a GoPro.  

"Stereotypes you say. Would be fun to create the ultimate tech guy you love to hate," a look at how the cover was made reads

The story shows the truth behind this stereotype of the arrogant male in world of the tech startups, also highlighting the great things some of these young individuals accomplish. 

The article talks about the backlash against gentrification in San Francisco, causing "liberal-on-liberal violence" such as slashed tires and attacks on people wearing Google Glass.  Protests in the area surround issues such as the cost of housing and income inequality. San Francisco currently has an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent.

With its tech businesses, Silicon Valley continues to lead the economy, despite its arrogant residents. 

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