Who needs Kylo Ren when you have Skeletor?

He-Man fans might get a kick out of this fresh new take on their beloved franchise — or, more specifically, the 1987 live-action movie Masters of the Universe — recut as the Force Awakens trailer, proving that even a schlock classic and commercial failure can look like a critical success when one applies the Force formula to it.

Inspired by the Mattel toy line, some featured familiar faces from MOTU (and by proxy the recut trailer) include Friends star Courteney Cox as orphaned dimension-traveling teen Julie Winston and the three-time Tony Award-winning actor Frank Langella as He-Man's bone-a-fide (get it?) archenemy. And of course, who can forget an oily and tanned Dolph Lundgren as the franchise's titular hero?

While the trailer, created by YouTuber Mike Furth, might all be in good (and well-edited) fun, a prospective MOTU reboot might be a more serious endeavor. As of August 2015, a script for a full-feature He-Man relaunch is currently in the works, with Christopher Yost (Thor: The Dark World) set to pen a screenplay for the as-of-yet untitled project.

Check out the recut Masters of the Universe trailer in the video clip below.


Via: Gizmodo

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