Just about every hero known to pop culture has turned up in downtown Toronto to protect the local neighborhoods. Well, kind of.

For over two years now, a Canadian artist, who goes by the pseudonym Andrew Lamb, has been gluing custom-printed photos of superheroes and favorite characters from film and television onto "Neighborhood Watch" road signs. Among them: Spider-Man, Yoda, Mister Rogers, Agents Mulder & Scully, Nintendo's Mario, Super Grover from "Sesame Street," He-Man and many more.

Lamb has been chronicling his work on his Instagram account, where you can see every single one of the signs. There are a whopping 71 "hacked" signs and counting. Each figure is chosen for the specific neighborhood they'll be "watching."

Vandalizing public property this way is, of course, illegal, but Lamb believes it's all in good fun. And he's not alone; the neighborhoods' residents are loving it. Lamb told CBC that he glues on the signs during the day, usually with people gathering as he works, and out of all those residents only two have ever complained. In fact, since his email address is posted on his Instagram account, the people of Toronto have started contacting him with sign locations and requests!

Admit it: you've never been so jealous of the people of Toronto. Here are a few more, but head over to Instagram to see them all.

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