The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could be easily damaged if a user inserts the S Pen backwards. The company has finally addressed the issue by quietly using a new mechanism inside the device that no longer damages the phablet.

In recent years, Apple has taken the brunt of releasing new iPhones with manufacturing issues that have resulted in "Antennagate" and "Bendgate." The iPhone 4 used a new design that placed the smartphone's antenna on the outside metal frame of the handset. Users quickly noticed that holding the smartphone without a case significantly reduced its cellular signal. Apple remedied the issue by offering iPhone 4 owners a free case that surrounded the metal frame, allowing the antenna to get a stronger cellular signal.

Apple faced Bendgate in 2014 when some early iPhone 6 Plus users discovered that the smartphone could bend while placed in their pockets. Apple claimed the issue only affected a small number of iPhone 6 Plus units, which it had replaced and Bendgate quickly came to an end.

Samsung went through its own hardware debacle with the release of the Galaxy Note 5 in August 2015, which was coined "S Pen-gate." Users began reporting that inserting the Note 5's S Pen stylus backwards into its slot resulted in breaking the phablet's detection sensor. Samsung released an official response addressing the issue.

"We highly recommend our Galaxy Note 5 users follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure they do not experience such an unexpected scenario caused by reinserting the S pen in the other way around," said Samsung.

It has just been discovered that Samsung has quietly tweaked the internals of the Galaxy Note 5 to prevent damage to the device when inserting the S Pen backwards. As you can see in the image above, the new module (on the left) now has a greyish white tab that reportedly allows users to safely eject the S Pen if inserted backwards without damaging the device, while the original module (on the right) does not have this tab.

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