Millennials, Millennials, Millennials. It seems like every other article is about this generation of young adults that is either going to save the world or destroy it. If you're tired of reading about Millennials (and who isn't?), this Chrome Extension will change your life.

We recently discovered the Chrome Extension "Millennials Begone!" Just download this baby to your Google Chrome web browser, and the word "Millennial" will magically be replaced with the phrase "pesky whipper-snapper." Whether you're a crochety old man in age or spirit, this Chrome Extension will surely give you peace of mind as you surf the Internets.

Web Developer Zeke Weeks posted the Chrome Extension to the browser's web store in November 2013. "I just cooked up a Chrome extension called 'Millennials, Begone!' to make every invocation of 'millennials' say what it really means," wrote Weeks on his website.

Although the depiction of Millennials in the media is usually not the best, much of the recent press surrounding this generation has been quite positive. Bloomberg Businessweek reported that 23-year-olds are now the single largest age group in the U.S. with 4.3 million people. Not only did the article claim that 23-year-olds are "going to save the world," but it also stated that the size of the group will create economic growth and "offset the impact of 70 million baby boomers entering retirement." Not too shabby for this oft-criticized age group.

Millennials, some of whom are delaying buying homes because they can't afford them, may actually help the housing market recover, The Wall Street Journal reported. Vocativ recently pulled together some data on Millennials that showed rates of alcohol and drug use, teen pregnancy and violent crime have decreased during the past 20 years, showing that Millennials are actually better-behaved than Gen-Xers were when they were the much-maligned generation du jour. Even though Millennials have been dealt crippling student debt, unemployment and possibly stunted emotional development, there may be hope for them yet.

Whether the conversation about Millennials is positive or negative, it doesn't take away from the fact that the media is obsessed with covering the happenings of this generation. Until the members of the "selfie generation" start to get dissected more in print, we're just going to have to deal with the slew of stories on Millennials, whether that means painfully reading them or never going on the Internet again. Since the latter is probably not an option, at least we can trust this Chrome Extension to provide some much-needed comic relief.

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