Ex-Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has announced that he will be co-founding a fitness-oriented startup with Bryan Oki, known as the co-founder and CEO of another fitness startup, Fitify.

The startup will be aimed at fitness professionals, coaches, therapists and other professionals who are actually working in the fitness world.

"This platform will go beyond measurement to motivate and drive improvement and make the road to personal transformation fun and social," said Costolo in a statement on Twitter. "For wellness professionals, from fitness coaches to physical therapists and nutritionists and more, our platform will be the easiest and most flexible way to extend expertise and guidance by orders of magnitude."

Other details about the new startup were not revealed, however, Costolo did also announce that he was joining — as a partner — Index Ventures, where he will be working with a number of companies and investing in new startups.

Until today, Costolo had been a consultant on the show Silicon Valley, where he was working with writers a few days per week. It's not yet known if his role on the show will continue.

It's interesting to note how Costolo chose to announce his news. He used Twitter to do so, however, instead of actually tweeting, he simply took a screen shot of an app that contained the details of his announcement — far more than 140 characters. Recently, it was announced that Twitter was considering removing the 140-character limit, and this announcement certainly highlights the issues with such a limit.

Via: VentureBeat

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