Apple has long offered Voice Memos as a way for users to record memos, or really anything they want to record that makes noise. It has been useful for musicians but never really offered more than basic recording.

Apple is looking to offer a more advanced tool for musicians, however, and has announced Music Memos, which allows artists to record their jam sessions or their own playing in a decompressed format. The tool also gives users a number of creative features that are easily and quickly accessible within the app.

Upon first opening the app, users won't be presented with too much. They will see a record button and that's about it. However, after they start playing some music, the technology behind the app will become more apparent. For example, it can be used to tune an instrument, to analyze the rhythm and key of what the user is playing and even to add a backing track with drums and a bass line.

Another great feature of the app is that it's geared toward organization. This is great for musicians on the go who are apt to record ideas as they pop up. Users are able to tag recordings by sound, location or a rating that they can assign to the track.

Of course, the app is also integrated with GarageBand and Apple's professional music offering, Logic, meaning that ideas can be opened up within these programs for more comprehensive work.

The app is available now for free from the App Store.

Via: TechCrunch

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