Samsung has reportedly patented a smartphone case that would allow non-Note Galaxy devices to use an S Pen.

The patent, which was awarded in South Korea, shows that Samsung might soon release a smartphone cover with a built-in S Pen, so Galaxy phone users can transform their device into a Note.

The Samsung-patented case is a front panel, which could be freely attachable or detachable from a device. Judging from the image, the case boasts a glass front which is curved on the right, just like the Galaxy Note Edge's face.

It also features cutouts for the device's earpiece, home button, selfie camera, microphone and USB charging port. The most interesting part is a sophisticated panel on the right side of the gadget that houses the stylus (possibly an S Pen).

Word has it that this removable case could be equipped with a Wacom digitizer to enable a non-Note device to work with the S Pen. It is worth noting that Note smartphones have a Wacom digitizer beneath the glass.

While Galaxy S phones have the ability to run the S Note app, they do not have the ability to detect input from the S Pen.

At the moment, it is not clear yet whether the smartphone case will work with the regular Galaxy S variants or the larger Plus models.

Furthermore, the patent is dated March 2015, which signifies that Samsung could already be working on this gadget and that the release date may be just around the corner.

A possibility exists that Samsung could take the wraps off this new gadget at the Mobile World Congress this year, alongside the new Galaxy S7 devices.

Speculation is rife saying Samsung could be planning to scrape its Galaxy Note series. This freshly leaked patent seems to add fuel to this rumor.

Not so long ago, another rumor suggested that Samsung may unveil the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge and the Galaxy S7 edge+ in a big launch event early this year, most likely this coming March.

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