This Pop-Out Power Outlet Doubles The Number Of Plugs Available To You


We can all pretty quickly use all the outlets in our apartment and need more to power our devices. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that the number of power outlets available to you has changed since you moved in to wherever you're living.

This clever power outlet design, however, is hoping to change that. Its in-wall design is aimed at avoiding clutter from power strips and cords, so it easily fits inside already-existing power outlets in walls around the home, and can be wired in a matter of a few minutes, promising to double the number of power outlets available in the home. The additional outlets sit flat to the wall inside the socket until needed, then a push opens it to bring out the additional outlets.

The Kickstarter page promises easy installation, with three color-coded screws and text to guide users through the process. "Not only clearly labeled live, neutral, and ground connections, but also white, black and green text for the wire colors. It just doesn't get any easier to install," the site notes.

The device itself is called theOUTlet, and the creators of it are using Kickstarter to raise the $40,000 they need to mass-produce their prototype so that it can be shipped to consumers. It's also pretty cheap, with users only having to donate $25 to the campaign for one theOUTlet, or $70 for three of them.

The campaign is currently sitting just above $9,000, but if it ends up blowing past its goal in the remaining 29 days, there are a number of stretch goals that make the device even more useful. These stretch goals include things like customizable colors, and USB ports being added to the design, allowing users to get even more from their outlets.

Via: Gizmodo

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