Honda first unveiled its Clarity Fuel Cell hydrogen-powered sedan during the 44th annual Tokyo Motor Show 2015 last October.

Well, the automaker revved up the technology enough to announce Thursday that the five-passenger sedan will be available in California before the end of this year with an anticipated driving range of 300-plus miles and refueling time of about three to five minutes.

Although the exact release date is unknown as of press time, Honda will start leasing the car under limited production early on for just less than $500 per month, before it goes on sale with an estimated price tag of $60,000.

Honda's idea is for the Clarity Fuel Cell to serve as a springboard for the automaker's next-generation plug-in hybrid, which is expected to launch in the United States by 2018. In between the two releases is a reengineered, environmentally-friendly 2017 Accord Hybrid, which is slated to go on sale this spring.

"The new Clarity Fuel Cell and Accord Hybrid arriving this year, along with the new plug-in hybrid coming by 2018, are critical steps toward a new generation of Honda advanced environmental vehicles and a true volume pillar for Honda and our product portfolio in the U.S.," John Mendel, Honda's executive vice president, said as part of the automaker's press release about the vehicle. "The Clarity Fuel Cell is a potential game changer because it offers an uncompromising, zero emissions customer experience, with performance, utility, range and refueling time on par with today's gasoline-powered cars."

In addition to its exciting drivetrain, the Clarity Fuel Cell will tout Honda Sensing technology, delivering safety and driver-assisting features, and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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