Among the many new Dothraki faces we will see on season six of “Game of Thrones” will be french actor Elie Haddad, Instagram hottie, Staz Nair, and Palestinian actress and singer, Leem Lubany as another khaleesi. Joining them will be Tamer Hassan who reportedly tried to get a role on the show for years before he was finally cast as a Dothraki leader.

The 47-year old actor is no new face to the world of film and television. He has worked on popular shows like “NCIS,” “24: Live Another Day,” and “Dracula,” and also had a role in “Clash of The Titans” and Christopher Nolan's “Batman Begins.”

With his boxer's physique, which he built up in his pre-acting career, it's easy to see him fit the role of a strong Dothraki leader.

While Hassan would not give away any spoilers of the upcoming season, he does promise blood, a lot of it. He also revealed that he accomplishes quite a feat for any person living in the world penned by George R.R. Martin: he doesn't die.

"A lot of people around me die. I didn't die,” he said in an interview.

Although he describes his character as neither a regular nor a major one, he teases that the impact of what he does in the scenes he will appear in will be epic and will affect the fates of all the main characters.

Before we go any further, possible spoilers are found below concerning the next season of “Game of Thrones.” So if you're not afraid of a few dragons, read on...

Many have already seen the leaked set photos from Spain showing a Dothraki village up in flames, possibly due to a certain Drogon rescuing his mommy, Daenerys from the clutches of the khalasar. We have also seen the unintentionally leaked script that Ellie Haddad shared and then deleted from his Instagram account showing some Dothraki leaders fighting and mocking our dear queen of the Andals and First of her name.

Could the Dothraki leader that Hassan plays be one of those present in the leaked page?

Looks like we'll have to wait until winter's over before we finally catch up with Dany, the Dothrakis, and everyone else on the other side of the sea in Westeros when “Game of Thrones” returns on Apr. 24.

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