Brace yourselves, spoilers are coming! When last we saw Daenerys Targaryen on "Game of Thrones", she was in the middle of nowhere with Drogon, too exhausted to fly her back home, and a khalasar of Dothraki warriors was closing in around her.

At this point, whatever happens to the Mother of Dragons is anyone's guess because her story line has caught up to the same point where George R.R. Martin left her in the books. However, leaked audition footage shows that there is another Khaleesi on the move, but is she in league with our Dany or a foe?

Warning! The description below includes scenes and characters which may or may not end up on season six of "Game of Thrones". Although they are unconfirmed, they are still considered spoiler material.

A Redditor recently discovered and shared an audition reel of Palestinian actress Leem Lubany, reading for a role for a widowed Khaleesi who now rides with the dosh khaleen - the ruling group of women in Dothraki society who live in Vaes Dothrak. You know, the place in season one where Daenerys ate a raw horse heart and her brother, Viserys was given his crown of gold promised to him by Khal Drogo.

Lubany's features and the dialogue of the scenes in the audition reel seems to many to fit the part of a casting call that was sent out a few weeks ago:

"'Game of Thrones' is looking for a non-white (preferably mixed or middle eastern) actress aged 18-22 to play the role. The widow is gentle and very bright, and has a great presence and appeal. She has a difficult personal history but it hasn't made her cynical. She has a good-sized role in two episodes. The actress will be filming the weeks commencing October 12th and November 2nd," was the description posted by GOT Leak and Spoiler Site, Watchers on The Wall. 

Although the videos of the audition have now been taken down due to copyright restrictions, Lubany does seem to fit the bill for the character of a young Lhazareen turned Khaleesi.

Further in the video, reports say the character Lubany is reading for gets accosted and a hand is put over her mouth as she tries to speak. Some are speculating that this could either be an encounter with Ser Jorah or Daario who are trying to track down where Drogon brought Dany.

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