Watch Dakota Johnson Get Dumped By Darth Vader Over The Phone


A staple game in any Thespian school is the “Acting Game.” The game challenges a budding actor's improv skills by having him or her answer a call and act out one side of a conversation based on a random situation. Being from an acting family, it's no surprise that Dakota Johnson revealed that she played the game with some friends as a child. "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon decided to play a few rounds of the game with her when she guested on his show on Wednesday.

The Acting Game took a bit of a turn into censorship territory when the situation Fallon read to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” star was about Darth Vader breaking up with her for another woman.

First it was the less than vanilla cravings of her on-screen partner Christian Grey, and then the fiance of the second most powerful man in the Star Wars galactic empire – Dakota Johnson sure likes her boys as bad as they get.

But she's got a bit of a bad girl inside her sweet outside demeanor as well. Even in her adorable pink and yellow Gucci ensemble, Johnson shows she very easily slips straight into character and shows off her comedic chops or drops it like a sailor when the right situatioin calls for it.

“Hi, babe,” she answers when Fallon gave her the cue with a “Riiing, riiing!”

Her eyes go into crazy shifty mode when she asks, “Did you just wake up?” as Fallon can't hold back his laughter.

“Where are you? Who the f***!” she starts to say before she stops herself and covers her mouth.

“Hang up the phone,” Fallon says as she puts down the pale yellow old-school receiver into its cradle.

“It's an adult game,” Fallon jokes as he and Johnson laugh off her bleeped TV no-no.

Check out the clip from "The Tonight Show" right below.

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