Fitbit Record Of The Exact Moment This Guy Was Dumped Goes Viral


Fitbit has been keeping track of people's vitals during physical activities and encouraging users to work out more, but one user never thought his wearable would track another heart-related activity in his life: a heartbreak. One Fitbit user's tweet of the photo showing his wearable tracking his heart rate during the exact moment his partner broke things off and the hours thereafter became viral.

His name is Koby and he is a law student as well as an entrepreneur. He had a resting heart rate of 72 beats per minute (bpm) but when his partner broke up with him over the phone on that fateful day, it spiked to 88bpm, as seen from the photo he shared.

Koby received support and sympathies from other Twitter users who came across his tweet and it seems he is hanging in there and doing his best to get over his heartbreak. Perhaps the sudden attention on him caused by his post getting viral and the outpouring of support helped divert his attention since he tweeted just days after that he is doing fine.

He seems to be trying to stay positive and see the other side of things. "The first time I saw it I was shocked, and thought it was a bit funny... It's funny, because [the Fitbit] thought I was working out, but I wasn't doing anything," he said in an interview.

This case is not one of a kind, though, as doctors have explained that heartbreaks literally affect people's heart. In fact, people who suffer from "broken heart syndrome" can actually experience a sudden deterioration with their health.

"People who have this kind of stress, it's like putting your heart on cocaine. Stress can even bring on the symptoms of a heart attack even if the arteries aren't blocked," retired cardiologist Dr. Graham Jackson explained.

Taking a leaf from Koby's experience, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of Fitbit tracking the moment he or she met someone after a long time.

Photo: Mike Mozart | Flickr

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