The upcoming MWC 2016 is expected to unveil exciting devices from a range of huge OEMs, with a number of such devices said to be powered by the Snapdragon 820 processor from Qualcomm.

As the chipmaker prepares for the launch of Snapdragon 820-powered handsets, details on the processor's sequel have recently surfaced.

The latest leak reveals that the new processor, dubbed Snapdragon 830, will support a massive 8 GB of RAM and is expected to come with an enhanced Kryo custom architecture. It will also be built based on Samsung's 10nm process.

Users can expect to see the first set of devices to come equipped with the new Snapdragon 830 in 2017.

Other details on the Snapdragon 830 are scarce at the moment. This should be understandable since Qualcomm has just debuted the Snapdragon 820 back in November.

Qualcomm touts the Snapdragon 820 processor as being built with extended battery life, powerful performance and superior connectivity. Designed from the ground up, the Snapdragon 820 promises to deliver mobile experiences that are authentically immersive and intuitive.

The recent CES 2016 event revealed that the first phone to feature the Snapdragon 820 is the Le Max Pro handset, which should hit the store shelves within the first half of 2016. One unique feature of the handset is the Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID fingerprint technology with liveness detection.

The move to decrease the 14nm to the 10nm in the Snapdragon 830 is expected to bring enhanced performance and a reduction in power requirements based on the familiar physical footprint. Additionally, the Snapdragon 830 is expected to bring the same dual-configuration that is built in the Snapdragon 820.

Back in September, Samsung said that mass production of its 12 GB LPDDR4 RAM chips that are designed with a 20nm process has already started. The said chips could pave the way for creating handsets with 6 GB of RAM.

If Samsung remains true to its timeframe, the company may be able to develop 16 GB stacks towards the latter part of 2016. When that happens, it also would be possible for the Snapdragon 830 to deliver 8 GB RAM by early 2017.

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