Sasquatch in Snohomish County? Researchers continue search for Bigfoot


Most scientists have rejected the existence of Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, but some researchers are still continuing their search for the mythical creature.

Bigfoot has been described by many people as a large ape-like creature, which is covered in brown or dark-reddish hair. Purported eyewitnesses suggest that the creature resembles a gorilla, stands around 10-feet tall and has big eyes. However, many scientists take the theory of Bigfoot to be a hoax and attribute it to misidentification and possibly a human within a gorilla suit rather than a living animal.

Researchers Rob Parker of Snohomish and John Ray of Marysville still believe in the existence of Bigfoot and they have been hunting for the creature in the forests of Snohomish County for many years. Unfortunately, they do not have enough evidence to convince the scientific community regarding the existence of the Sasquatch.

A recent study regarding the examination of hair samples, of what was thought to be of the Bigfoot, suggests that all the samples belong to known animal species. The study was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

"Despite the wide range of age and condition of the submitted hair shafts, which ranged from fresh to museum specimens more than 50 years old, the majority yielded mitochondrial 12S RNA sequences which allowed species identification with 100% sequence identity," per the study.

Parker is 60 years now and is an ex-policeman and compliance officer for the state Department of Labor & Industries. Ray, who is 49 years of age, works as a procurement agent for an airplane company. Both the researchers are aware that most people and scientists do not believe in the Bigfoot, but they are still committed to finding some evidence related to the existence of Bigfoot.

They both drive their jeeps in the forests of Snohomish County in anticipation of finding the beast one day. The researchers also take the help of latest technology such as dash cams and thermal imaging cameras to find the Bigfoot.

Only a small number of people claim to have seen the Bigfoot and Parker is one of them. The researcher says that he saw the beast in 1969 at Mount Si, where it appeared that the Bigfoot was fishing. The creature did not seem happy to come across Parker and roared loud, which was very terrifying.

Similarly, Ray also recounts that he came across Bigfoot in 2008 while camping. However, on both the occasions the creature was swift enough to vanish in the forest.

The researchers say that many sightings of the Bigfoot have been reported from the Mountain Loop and Snohomish County and they expect to find evidence of the creature from these areas.

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