'Atari Vault' Brings Over 100 Classic Video Games To PC


The good folks at Atari are bringing over 100 classic video game titles to PC with Atari Vault, a new video game collection. The most interesting part of Atari Vault? Multiplayer support.

Developed by Code Mystics, Atari Vault is set to include the likes of classics such as Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Warlords, Tempest, and more. It’s not clear exactly what version of these games will be included thanks to having been released in several different manners of the years. That giant number of included titles could possibly include different incarnations of the same game, for example.

While not explicitly stated as coming exclusively to Steam, the press release seems to indicate that the majority of new features - like leaderboards - are specifically thanks to Steam integration. Players will also be able to use the Steam controller for “improved precision control.” All of this is to say, Steam’s an important part of what we know about the title.

Other additions include an “upgraded user interface” as well as support for local multiplayer in addition to online. Also of note? The classic 1970s and 1980s original soundtracks will also be present in Atari Vault. Those looking for a nostalgia-laden title could do a lot worse.

As is always worth noting, thanks to several acquisitions and the like, the current version of Atari shares little in common with the classic version of Atari beyond a brand name and catalog. That isn’t to say that the current Atari is doing anything particularly shady - just that trading on classic titles is pretty much a given at this point.

Atari Vault is set to make an appearance at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas the weekend of January 29th to January 31st. It’s currently scheduled to release in Spring 2016.

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Source: PRNewswire

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