While the Pebble smartwatch is far from getting a new iteration, the wearable technology device got better, Wednesday, as its maker announced several software updates. The smartwatch will now support notifications for all iOS 7 apps and also have new tools for app developers.

The software update to the Pebble smartwatch will give it full iOS7 integration and seamless functionality with the Notification Center. Users will now see notifications not just for phone calls, emails, or text messages but also for apps that they will enable. These apps include Calendar, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Flickr, and a lot more. The Pebble update is being reviewed by Apple and should be available soon.

"Of course, it takes more than hardware to make a great smartwatch and we've been working closely with developers worldwide to help them create thousands of apps for Pebble customers on both iOS and Android. While we're proud of these achievements, we've been working hard to take Pebble to the next level. Today we're announcing new software that's going to make Pebble even more useful," Pebble announced the updates through its official blog.

Aside from the iOS 7 support, the smartwatch maker also launched the SDK 2.0 that makes life easier for Pebble app developers. The new tool introduces new APIs such as Persistent Storage, Data Logging, Accelerometer, and Javascript.

"Since we launched the first version of our SDK in April, we've been getting feedback and suggestions from developers around the world, and we've been working hard to incorporate your suggestions in this new release," stated Pebble on its developer blog.

The Persistent Storage API will allow the device to store and cache data in between app sessions. The Dynamic Memory will let developers full-featured apps using a bigger chunk of the memory of the device. Meanwhile the Data Logging and Accelorometer APIs will allow the developers to make apps that log data when disconnected from their iPhone or Android devices and develop apps that will tap the functionality of the 3-axis data from the gadget's accelelerometer, respectively.

According to Pebble, it has sold 190,000 watches so far while users have downloaded over 2 million apps for the smartwatch. At the moment, there are more than 10,000 developers of apps for its smartwatch.

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