Twitch has laid down the law and banned Yandere Simulator from the popular streaming website with fairly obvious reasons.

The stalk-and-murder game is the latest addition to the growing list of inappropriate games to stream on Twitch, including BMX XXX, Second Life, The Guy Game and a bunch of other titles with "Sakura" in them.

Considering that players can snap upskirt shots of schoolgirls and take on the role of a "yandere," who is a girl that's extremely infatuated with a boy that she'll go to lengths of threatening, harming or even killing any other girl that likes him, the recent ban shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Meanwhile, the developer who goes by the name YandereDev expresses his disappointment at Twitch's decision, and he is "willing to modify some of the game's content" so that it'll be allowed to be broadcast again.

"I hope that Twitch re-examines their criteria for banning a game from their service. I hope that Twitch realizes that Yandere Simulator isn't anywhere near as bad as many of the other games that they've banned. I hope that Twitch realizes that they presently allow people to stream games that are far worse than Yandere Simulator. I hope that Twitch revokes their ban on Yandere Simulator," he says, noting that he will not hold his breath, however.

With violence and nudity in the mix, Yandere Simulator fits the criteria for a swift ban on Twitch, according to the streaming website's rules.

The development of the game started in 2014. The creator has since been releasing playable test builds along with a slew of patches. In a span of almost two years, the game has garnered fans all over the world, resulting in approximately 5 million downloads in total and a YouTube channel with over 400,000 subscribers.

As everyone can imagine, they were not happy with how things turned out, starting a dedicated thread on Reddit to voice out their opinions.

As for the exact reason why Yandere Simulator got banned, Twitch didn't reveal the details, so it remains unclear whether it was because of the sexual content or the violence.

"It would be very nice if Twitch clearly stated why each of the games on their 'banned game list' is prohibited," the developer told Kotaku.

Yandere Simulator is still an unfinished game, and it could still take a while before it goes official, but whether or not it'll be allowed on Twitch by that time is uncertain.

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