Google Nexus 6P Complaints Get Louder As Problems Persist: Screen Detaching From Frame, Buggy Marshmallow Update And More


Google's Nexus 6P has received a lot of positive reviews, but that doesn't stop others from experiencing issues with the smartphone. Problems range from a screen detaching from the frame to a buggy Android Marshmallow update and more. 

Users complain that their Nexus 6P is switching to landscape mode without a clear reason, and it would not go back to portrait. Another issue is related to the three-way calling feature, in which the user cannot send text messages when they have an incoming call. Other users report that they encounter random locking of their device during calls. A few of these concerns, nevertheless, might be resolved by means of a software update.

But even the software update itself could be problematic. Users took to forums to complain that the Marshmallow update rolled out to the Nexus 6P and older Nexus phones incorporates a handful of glitches. Specifically, the issue is associated with the Sync feature. The issue allegedly ruins the notification system in a variety of services, such as Gmail.

Not too long ago, a Reddit user said his Nexus 6P’s screen was detaching itself from the phone's frame. The user said that he can even slide a fingernail between the phone’s screen and its aluminum frame.

The user uploaded images of the “screen... prying off from the frame” via Imgur to back his claims.

“This phone has had so many build issues but people are still adamant this phone is perfect,” comments a Reddit user on the post. “It's worse when you consider the sales of this versus an s6 or 6s.”

In November, users of the Nexus 6P also took to different online forums to gripe on their concerns about the device. One user, for instance, took to the Google Product Forum to complain that the person on the other end of the call had trouble listening to the voice of the user of the Nexus 6P.

Another user on the XDA Developers forum said that whenever he put the device on a desk on its back, people on the other line say they couldn't pick up his voice.

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