Starbreeze is bringing the virtual reality experience to VR enthusiasts in Los Angeles with the creation of Project StarCade, a VR arcade venue that will be powered by the company's own StarVR headset.

Starbreeze wants the public to experience the exciting world of virtual reality in a real immersive setting with Project StarCade. Launching initially with "The Walking Dead VR" experience, people can expect to see more experiences being added in the near future.

"We're developing our own StarCade catalogue of experiences, but we're open to any content," said CTO Emmanuel Marquez of Starbreeze. "We will invite developers to join us and give them the opportunity to put their content in our StarCade."

Starbreeze said that the VR arcade will solely feature the company's StarVR headsets. Unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the StarVR boasts a field of vision of 210 degrees which gives it quite an edge over its rivals when it comes to being immersive.

"People say immersive all the time, but they don't really understand what that means. This is immersive," said Tyler Sparks, Starbreeze producer, as Tech Times previously reported. Sparks added that StarVR is unique compared to the other VR headsets because it has a wide field of view.

"A lot of headsets, they're very narrow, it's like a horse with blinders on, so it's not a very immersive experience. But for us, we get to actually have 210 degrees, so you have your full field of peripheral vision, the whole deal. It's like being inside the game."

The LA location will serve as the company's pilot program and details such as usage charge and best experiences that can be offered will have to be determined before the project can be expanded to other locations.

"We will open the first one in L.A., and obviously we would like to extend that as much as possible," said Marquez.

He added that customers will be allowed to choose from a list of experiences to enjoy at the arcade.

"They can go and really play any content they like," said Marquez. "They can choose from a list what kind of experience they would like to have in VR."

Starbreeze's Project StarCade will open its doors to the public in either spring or summer this year. While the exact location is yet to be announced, Marquez said that the company "managed to secure a prime location" for the StarVR-powered arcade.

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