Apple is finally gearing up for the release of the much-anticipated iWatch after over a year of rumors about the device.

At least that's the latest rumor, as Apple rarely confirms anything prior to an event.

Recent news reports suggest the device will be released alongside Apple's iPhone 6 on September 9.

Renowned Apple blogger John Gruber wrote a post saying Apple would be releasing its "wrist wearable thing next month." He later took to Twitter to say the post was a joke, and that he had no idea when Apple would finally be releasing its first offering in the smart watch market.

While Gruber did call the post a joke, it could end up he is telling the truth. His use of the phrase "wrist wearable thing" could also mean that Apple has another wearable device up its sleeve, such as a fitness bracelet or something similar.

What makes Gruber's statements even more interesting is his track record pertaining to past Apple products. He predicted both the iPhone 5C and 5S before their release, as well as the size of the iPad Mini.

There are really two options -- either Gruber really was making a joke and we're none-the-wiser about the release date of the iWatch, or he accidentally published something that he shouldn't have and we'll be seeing the iWatch within the next month.

Since smart watches began gaining in popularity, no smart watch has been able to replicate the popularity that smartphones did when they were originally released, led by Apple's first iPhone. Despite this, it seems as though a new wave of wearable devices, made up of Motorola's Moto 360 and Apple's offering to the smart watch world, among others, may boost the popularity of the new tech within the next year.

Apple has recruited a number of figures from different industries, especially the sports industry, to help with its rumored iWatch. This includes basketball star Kobe Bryant, lending credence to the fact that the device may be more of a fitness-tracking device than anything else.

Analysts have predicted both good things and bad things for the purported iWatch, with some saying that the device could end up being a flop and others saying it could help revolutionize the tech industry, like the iPhone and iPad.

If the iWatch is released alongside the next iteration of the iPhone, it is very likely that they will complement each other and be highly integrated. 

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