Bungie Denies That It Will Charge Real Money For 'Destiny' Ammo Packs


Although reports surfaced over the past few days that Bungie would start offering ammo packs on sale for real money in its MMOPRG Destiny, the company recently denied that these rumors are true.

Website VG 24/7 posted a report from a single source that the company would offer ammo packs for players' real dollars, following rumors about such a potential in-game transaction. This comes after previous rumors about microtransactions that surfaced around the same time eventually proved true.

"The sale of ammo packs will mark a significant step forward for Bungie and Activision's approach to Destiny's microtransactions, as it will have a direct, if limited, effect on gameplay," wrote VG 24/7.

The site also pointed out that the most sought out ammo pack is the Heavy Ammo Synthesis. Currently, there are only three ways to acquire it: buy it for Glimmer (Destiny's in-game currency that players earn by playing the game) from the Tower gunsmith, get it from the exotic vendor Xur for one Strange Coin or buy it from Variks at the Reef, who sells it for 250 Glimmer and a pack of Ether Seeds.

Players earn Glimmer and Strange Coin by participating in raids and missions within the game: by selling these ammo packs for real money, players with real cash earn more of an advantage over their peers with a lot less work.

However, Bungie spoke to Game Informer and denied that these ammo packs would become available for real money by saying, "we're not doing that."

Destiny has come under fire from players recently, partly thank to its addition of microtransactions last year and subsequent proof that suggests the game will also soon offer level-boost packs for real coin. Those packs would allow gamers to skip the necessary steps to level-up a character by paying $35 to automatically boost a character up to level 25.

The new rumors will make fans uneasy, though, considering Bungie's reputation for changing its mind about such things: the company once told fans that it would never offer level boosts for real money, but hasn't denied recent reports that those packs will arrive in the game soon.

Bungie also recently launched a "refer-a-friend" program for the game: the announcement had many players wondering just how bad Destiny's players' numbers have dropped over the past year or so.

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