People who own the OnePlus X will be delighted to know that OnePlus has announced Monday that it has begun pushing out the hotly awaited OxygenOS 2.2.0 to the company’s new entry-level phone.

This update packs in a carousel of new features and bug fixes, including:

— Manual Mode for Camera App
— Save to SD card option in Camera App
— USD bug fix for India
— Added dual SIM preferences back in system settings
— OTA App upgrade
— Security patches
— General bug fixes and optimizations

The manual mode for the phone's camera enables you to set the shooter precisely how you want it. With the update onboard, you can now save pictures to your microSD card. In the smartphone’s settings menu, you will now have dual SIM options to pick from.

OnePlus underscores that it is releasing the update in waves, making sure that once a problem crops up, it can promptly deal with it. With that said, the company advises owners that “if you don’t get the update right away, please be patient.”

As soon as Oxygen 2.2.0 becomes available for your smartphone, however, it is prudent to use a Wi-Fi network for the updating process. On top of that, before you begin installing the update, make sure your phone’s battery is charged to a minimum of 50 percent.

The update comes hot on the heels of an update the company started rolling out to the OnePlus One last week.

A month ago, the China-based OEM released the Oxygen OS 2.2.0 for the OnePlus 2 smartphone.

The software update of the modified version of Android also made its way to OnePlus 2 owners in phases. The update brought in quite a few bug fixes and security patches alongside holiday wallpapers.

In November, OnePlus X owners were treated to the OxygenOS 2.1.3 update, bringing with it enhancements according to user feedback.

Specifically, the update was geared towards boosting the user experience with the device's SD card. The update also added in general optimizations, bug fixes and security patches.

"We've heard your feedback and have spent some time focusing on improving the user experience for SD card," said OnePlus.

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