Video game publisher Deep Silver gave up new details about the upcoming open world first-person shooter Homefront: The Revolution, revleaing that the game will feature a new co-op mode, as well as annoucing the dates for the closed beta.

The latest title in the Homefront series will include a four-player co-op mode called Resistance. The online mode allows for the player and three others to form a "Resistance Cell" and battle against the KPA military in Philadelphia.

"Take your friends online in a range of diverse Missions where you and your fellow freedom fighters battle the KPA in the ways best suited to urban guerrilla warfare. Unlock gear and weapons to tackle your favorite Missions under the hardest of circumstances," Deep Silver writes in an announcement.

The co-op mode will have a total of 12 missions, with another 20 expected to be released as part of the free DLC that will be released within a year of Homefront's release. Throughout the 12 missions offered in Resistance Mode, players will be able to customize their character, unlock new abilities, weapons, and "rare equipment and combat gear."

The missions are said to to fit into the Homefront: The Revolution's larger narrative.

The online multiple Resistance Mode will be available as part of the games close beta that is exclusive for Xbox One, and will run from Feb. 11 through Feb. 14.

Additional stress testing will run on Jan. 29 and Feb. 5, and will be conducted by invitation only. Gamers can register for a chance to get into the closed beta at Homefront: The Revolution's website.

Those who preorder a copy of the game will automatically get the "Revolutionary Spirit Pack," which gives "unique skins and instant unlocks of select weapons for the campaign." The packs will also come with the Red Skull motorbike skin and the Golden pistol skin that can be used in the campaign to instantly unlock the Marksman Rifle, Sniper Scope and Remote Explosives for Resistance Mode.

Developed by Dambuster Studios, Homefront: The Revolution follows the character Ethan Brady as he leads a resistance movement against the Korean army that has taken over Philadelphia.

Homefront: The Revolution will be released May 17 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: GameStop

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