Massive 'Fallout 4' Eden Settlement Is One Of The Most Impressive Player Creations Yet


Fallout 4 has been out in the wild for more than two months now, but it seems players are just now learning the full power of the game's extensive settlement-building system.

YouTuber Jug has been working on increasingly complex settlements in Fallout 4 since it released, and his latest creation is one of the most impressive structures we've ever seen built in the game. It's called Eden, and it's a massive building that not only touches the sky but also features an astounding interior that is sure to make your Fallout 4 home feel like a hut made out of twigs in comparison.

The structure is built at the Abernathy Farm settlement. Why that settlement over, say, Sanctuary? Certain settlement areas in the game have certain height limits. Since Jug wanted to build a giant tower, he went with Abernathy Farm, as it allows the tallest structures. He walks viewers through each step of the creation process, starting with the rounded shape of the tower before moving on to complex electrical feats.

When all is said and done, Eden is a sight to behold. From the impressive entrance room to the building's height, from the huge number of lights to the intricate trap hallway, Jug has truly mastered building construction in Fallout 4.

Even more impressive is that Jug did all of this on the PlayStation 4 version without any kind of help. No mods or console commands are available on the console as of yet, which means he had to do everything the hard way, including gathering all the required resources.

His efforts have definitely paid off. The official Fallout 4 Facebook account gave Jug and his creation a shout-out the other day, and so far, his step-by-step creation video has more than 240,000 views. You can check out Eden for yourself in the video below.

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