Microsoft has released yet another iOS app, this one being Bing-powered and called News Pro.

The app is quite similar to Apple's own news app, which comes built into iOS 9, and is aimed at offering readers a personalized news-reading experience, showing them articles that match their interests.

Of course, the main difference between Apple's news app and Microsoft's is the fact that the latter is powered by Bing News and offers a personalized interface through social networks. Users are able to sign into the app through either LinkedIn or Facebook, which will enable it to match users' interests with stories to read.

News Pro is available in both Web-based versions, allowing users to read their news on their desktop and through the actual app. On mobile, users can customize the topics and industries they want to follow, and even specific products that they want to track. There are tabs for both "Browse," and "Pilot," with the latter enabling users to view their news stories in a grid format.

While the app isn't really that unique, it does offer users another way to view their news, something that will be especially useful for avid users of Bing and other Microsoft products.

Users can download News Pro for free from the App Store now.

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