Apple claims it has squashed the bug which triggered its Safari web browser to crash when users carried out a search on its address bar.

Users across the globe confirmed that they had encountered this issue on both the firm’s Mac computers and iOS mobile devices.

The Cupertino-based company said the Safari glitch, which lasted for not less than seven hours on Wednesday, had been resolved by around 10:45 a.m. Eastern time.

The problem came right on the coat-tails of Apple’s release of its updated iOS and OS X operating systems. Users who had not yet installed the newest versions, however, had likewise noted that they went through the problem, which means that that the fault does not stem from a coding error in the firm’s native browser. Rather, developers believe that the issue could possibly be associated to a server interruption.

A BBC report suggests that the problem “only impacted people whose ‘suggestions cache’ had updated while they were using the phone between 09:00 GMT and 12:00 GMT.

The report says that users in Europe were more than likely to have been impacted by the glitch, as opposed to those who are in the U.S. or in Asia.

Furthermore, it was not long ago when, a prank website that reboots the devices of users, surfaced. The site triggers the browser to overload with a self-generated string of text, which causes devices running on iOS and Mac to crash and reboot.

Quite a few users in several parts of the world took to Twitter, Reddit and the Apple Forums to gripe about the Safari outage. In fact, the problem caused “Safari” to trend over Twitter in different areas of the globe.

Below are a few of the tweets in connection with the Safari bug.

The issues with Safari come hot on the heels of the release of Apple’s financial statement. It appears that the world's most valuable company could be going through a slump as it announced a slowdown in growth. Its bestselling device, the iPhone, flatlined in sales. As compared to a 46 percent growth in the earlier year, sales progressed by only 0.4 percent during the Christmas period.

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