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Apple Throws Epic Shade At Facebook With New Anti-Tracking Features On Safari

Though it has barely recovered from its data scandal, Facebook has now become the latest target of some serious shade-throwing. At the WWDC, it seemed as though Apple was criticizing Facebook as it demonstrated new anti-tracking features in Safari.

Apple June 5, 2018

Spotify No Longer Works Using Safari: Time To Switch To Another Browser Or Use Desktop Version, Apple Users

Spotify has officially dropped support for Safari, telling users they should use alternative browsers or the native Spotify desktop app instead. Spotify can’t confirm if support will eventually come back, but the issue apparently roots from Apple’s incompatibility with Widevine.

Internet September 11, 2017

Apple Unveils Several Welcome Features For Safari

Apple has announced some new privacy and ad blocking features to the upcoming version of Safari. These changes may anger advertisers, but they should please consumers.

Apple June 7, 2017

Veteran South African Hunter Crushed To Death As Elephant Gets Gunned Down And Collapses On Him

Renowned big game hunting expert Theunis Botha died Friday, My 19, from being crushed by an elephant while on a hunt in Zimbabwe. Know the details of the unfortunate incident that occurred near Hwange National Park.

Animals May 23, 2017

Apple iOS 10.3 Update Fixes Safari Exploit: Scammers Tricked Victims With 'Broken' Browser

Apple recently released the iOS 10.3 update, which added several new features to the mobile operating system. The update, however, also fixed several security issues, one of which is an exploit that attackers used for a scareware campaign.

Apple March 28, 2017

Firefox Focus Saves iPhone Users From Advertisers, Provides Simple And Private Web Browsing Experience

Firefox Focus blocks all web trackers by default, setting privacy at the top of its user experience. It also features barebones interface that allows the app to load pages faster.

Apple November 18, 2016

Apple Issues Urgent Security Update For OS X, Safari: Here Are The Details

Apple recently pushed out OS X Yosemite and El Capitan critical security updates, which fix problems that the company already fixed in its mobile OS. The iPhone manufacturer borrowed security solutions from iOS 9.3.5 for the desktop fix.

Apple September 2, 2016

Mozilla Firefox Grabs Bigger Market Share Than Microsoft's Edge And IE Combined: That's A First

For the first time ever, Mozilla's Firefox browser has overtaken Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Edge browser in desktop market share around the world. Google still commands a strong lead, however, with over 60 percent market share.

Apps/Software May 17, 2016

Apple Releases OS X 10.11.5, But Still No Safari Crash Fix

Apple has just released the next update for its Macs, OS X 10.11.5. Despite the list of fixes and improvements in the release, Safari still remains prone to crashing and freezing the OS.

Apple May 17, 2016

The Pirate Bay Blocked On Chrome, Firefox And Safari: Google Says It's A 'Deceptive Site'

Torrent website The Pirate Bay is being blocked on Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox and Apple's Safari browsers. Google claims that the website is a "deceptive site," so users should access it at their own risk.

Internet May 7, 2016

Microsoft Edge Will Soon Automatically Stop Flash Content, Like Chrome And Safari

The Microsoft Edge browser, through the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, will automatically pause Flash content on webpages. The feature will follow the leads taken by Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browsers.

Apps/Software April 10, 2016

Apple Introduces Safari Technology Preview For Web Developers: Here's What It Offers

Developers looking to see the new Safari Technology for Mac can download its preview version from Apple's developer website. While this version is only intended to run on OS X, Apple said its accompanying features will be implemented on iOS devices as well.

Apps/Software April 1, 2016

Apple Crushes Safari Bug That Caused Crashes On Mac And iOS Worldwide

Apple fixed an issue responsible for Safari web browser crashes. The glitch triggered the Safari web browser to crash when users perform a search through its address bar.

Internet January 28, 2016

Apple Acknowledges Crash Safari Code, Working On Fix: Here's How To Avoid It For Now

A mischievous Crash Safari web page has been making rounds, crashing Safari browsers for iOS and OS X users. Apple is aware of the issue and is working on a fix, but here's how to stay safe in the meantime.

Apps/Software January 27, 2016

Visiting This Site Will Cause Safari To Crash, Your iPhone And iPad To Reboot

There's a prank website currently circulating in social networks that will cause your iOS device to heat up and restart. It will affect Safari on your Mac as well.

Gadgets January 27, 2016

Load Web Pages Faster In Safari For iOS By Blocking Comments: Here's How

Are you one of those users who would do anything to get rid of being trolled with unwanted comments over the Internet? A new app for iOS users has been designed specifically to block comments that appear in their Safari browser so they can load web pages faster.

Apps/Software January 14, 2016

Mozilla Firefox For iOS Exits Preview, Now Available To All

Mozilla revealed that Firefox for iOS finished its preview phase and is ready to meet the whole world. The iOS browser from Mozilla went live on the Apple App Store, and users can now browse quickly and privately.

Apps/Software November 12, 2015

Apple Allows App That Blocks Ads Even In Its Own Apps

The Been Choice app debuted on Apple Store and its capacity of blocking ads even in iOS native apps raised serious questions. Did Apple sabotage itself by publishing it or were other strings attached to the release?

Apps/Software October 8, 2015

Advertisers Beware! Content Blockers Soar To Top Of iOS App Charts A Day After iOS 9 Release

Shortly after the iOS 9 launch, ad-blocking applications soared to the top of iOS App charts. These apps can reportedly boost the Safari web browser's performance.

Apps/Software September 21, 2015

Mozilla Outs Firefox For iOS Preview, Says Final Version Will Launch Later This Year

Mozilla has been working hard on a mobile version of its web browser for iOS. On Thursday, the organization announced a major new development with the release of a preview version of Firefox for iOS.

Apps/Software September 5, 2015

Ad-Blocking Feature In iOS 9 May Cripple Mobile Advertising Industry

Apple will reportedly be introducing ad-blocking capabilities into its next version of iOS, a move that will have a significant impact on the online advertising industry and the Internet industry in general.

Apps/Software June 14, 2015

WWDC 2015: Safari Adds Pinned Sites And Tab Muting

Here are a couple of handy new features that Mac users are sure to appreciate in OS X El Capitan's new version of Safari. Now you can pin and mute tabs.

Computers June 8, 2015

Nature Photographer Snapped Images Of Angry Lion... Right Before It Charged At Him

A freelance photographer from Pakistan shared the story of his near-death photo encounter with a ferocious lion moments before it charged at him.

Internet Culture April 12, 2015

Google Sets Sights On Eliminating 'Unwanted' Browser Software

Google has added the flagging and detection of websites that install unwanted software into its safe browsing application, which is used by the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Apps/Software March 13, 2015

Windows PC Users, Don't FREAK Out: Here's How You Can Protect YourSelf

The 'FREAK' security encryption vulnerability is actually worse than initial reports let on. There are, however, a few things every Internet user can do to shore up protection as patches are being created.

Internet March 9, 2015

Not Just Apple And Android: Microsoft Windows Also Vulnerable To FREAK Security Flaw

Despite earlier claims to the contrary, Windows is not safe from a decade-old security hole exploiting SSL and TLS sites.

Apps/Software March 6, 2015

Watch This Wild Lion Open Tourist's Car Door With Her Teeth

Two sisters captured a terrifying video of a lioness opening their car door when on a South African safari.

Internet Culture March 5, 2015

Dropbox Update Makes It Easier For Apple iPad, iPhone Users On iOS 8 To Upload Files

The latest Dropbox update now allows iPad and iPhone users to save information from various apps directly to their Dropbox even without tapping the cloud-syncing app to open and start using it.

Apps/Software February 18, 2015

Yahoo, Bing Pose Little Threat to Search Leader Google

Yahoo and Bing may be gaining a few percentage points on Google in the search market, but it's pretty clear Google has little to be afraid of from its top competitors. One industry watcher says it will take a new search tech innovator to knock Google off its leadership perch.

Business Tech January 13, 2015

Apple May Boot Google from Safari as Yahoo, Bing Come Courting

Apple is in talks with a number of different search providers to replace Google as the default search engine in Safari. The contract between Google and Apple that was signed in 2010 is set to expire in "early 2015."

Internet December 1, 2014

Microsoft Skype for Web Beta Launched: Now Call and Chat from Your Browser

Microsoft is launching a new Skype for Web in beta version. Find out if you're eligible to become one of its first users.

Apps/Software November 15, 2014

How to watch Apple iPad event if you're not a Mac user

Apple is setting the velvet ropes up outside the live stream area for its Oct. 16 press event. There are other ways into the party, besides using Apple products.

Internet October 10, 2014

Apple iOS 8.0.2 still problematic. Users report connectivity issues, other glitches

The Apple iOS 8.0.2 update was released in order to solve the issues of the earlier iOS 8.0.1 upgrade. However, users are complaining that the second update still has bugs and glitches.

Apps/Software September 30, 2014

Microsoft mulled on rebranding Internet Explorer to bury bad reputation

Members of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer development team are debating to rename the browser. Apart from a plummeting market share, the browser is also faced with a negative reputation.

Business Tech August 19, 2014

Teenager's hunting exploits doesn't win fans, prompts Facebook to pull images

Facebook pulls down pictures of teenager's safari in South Africa. A Facebook spokesperson says a petition didn't influence the decision to remove the images of the trophy hunts.

Society July 8, 2014

Google Chrome has finally KO'd IE in U.S. Weep, Microsoft

Google reached a market share of 31.8 percent over Microsoft's 30.9 percent. The rise of usage of Google's browsers can be attributed to the increase in popularity of mobile browsing.

Apps/Software June 9, 2014

Hackers demonstrate IE, Safari and Chrome vulnerabilities at Pwn2Own contest

The attacks took place during the annual hacking contest held during Pwn2Own. Teams and individuals from security research groups quickly ripped into the IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers, but all ended well as the exploits will be used to make the browsers more secure.

Internet March 16, 2014

Google privacy case can be heard in the UK, rules High Court

The High Court in London has turned down Google's request of letting a privacy lawsuit be heard in the U.S., and has given the privacy activists in the UK the full go ahead to proceed with the case in England.

Legal January 17, 2014

Google settles online privacy violation investigation for $17mn

Google has agreed to a $17 million settlement with the District of Columbia and 37 states for using tracking cookies in Apple's Safari web browser.

Legal November 20, 2013

Pwn2Own 2013 hackers expose vulnerabilities in iOS, Android

Android and iOS fell to hackers at Pwn2Own 2013 contest.

Apps/Software November 19, 2013

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