Bungie's Destiny is the most pre-ordered new IP in video game history: Could unseat Call of Duty?


Destiny is the first game spawning from developer Bungie, since the studio stopped working on Halo and left Microsoft. The company went multiplatform with its new game after teaming up with Activision, and since then, the universe has blessed Bungie with good tidings.

Due to going multiplatform and the big $500 million marketing push, Destiny is now the most pre-ordered video game in all of history, according to a recent report from an Activision Blizzard executive. This is a big deal for all parties involved and the gaming industry as a whole since the new generation of systems kicked off back in 2013, gamers have yet to come across that needed killer title.

From the looks of things, Destiny could be well on its way of becoming a huge franchise that might one day overtake Halo in scope and popularity. Gamers and critics alike have nothing but praise for Destiny, so crushing the pre-order record for a "new title" shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

The big question that need answering is whether or not Destiny has the legs to keep gamers entertained for the next year or two. We've seen several games in the past that were riding the hype train from conception to launch, but failed to keep players entertained for long. Games that comes to mind includes WatchDogs and Titanfall; we doubt Bungie and Activision will want to fall in that bracket.

Apart from being Bungie's first video game since Halo, Destiny has more baggage to carry on its shoulders. Activision Blizzard saw its revenue slid by 6 percent back in 2013, so investors are pinning their hopes on Destiny to revitalize the video game market and bring increased profit to the company this year.

Destiny is not your typical shooter. The traditional run around and shoot people in the face is definitely there, but Bungie added some role playing elements in the package as well. Players will jump in the shoe of a Guardian, who is tasked with protecting the last standing city on Earth.

It is obviously post-apocalyptic, for the reason that so many games are going this route nowadays. However, it does look beautiful, and probably have the potential of unseating the king, Call of Duty.

Destiny will be available on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 come Sept. 9.

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