Hot Toys is known for crafting some of the most detailed, drool-inducing figures available, and the reveal of its new Armored Batman doesn't disappoint.

Modeled off the character's appearance in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, to call it "movie-accurate" would be an understatement. The figure boasts 30 points of articulation, LED eyes, seven different hands and a number of gadgets. Batman's signature grapple gun will come with the figure, as will his grenade gun and ammo. The figure stands 33 cm tall (13 inches) for a one-sixth scale replica of the character from the film.

The figure is so detailed, we wouldn't be surprised if Ben Affleck's face lurked beneath that helmet, despite the fact that the helmet doesn't come off. The bottom half of the figure's face, however, is removable. It come with interchangeable mouth pieces that accurately capture Affleck's various frowns and scowls from the film, so you have some options for how grumpy you want to make your Batman look.

Rounding out the package for the figure is a display stand bearing the film's logo. Unfortunately, despite display photos for the figure (which you can check out below) showing the Bat-Signal, it doesn't come included. Nor does the crippled body of Superman laying at Batman's feet — that will cost you extra.

It's certain to be a hot item for any big-time Batman fan, but unfortunately, Hot Toys hasn't revealed the figure's pricing as of yet. It will be coming in the third or fourth quarter of this year, so you might want to start saving up now.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters March 25, 2016.

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