This Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Concept Comes With A Third Curve

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Concept
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The latest concept design from Martin Hajek of the impending Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone goes beyond imagination and shows off a third curve on the Android-powered handset.
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Samsung is widely speculated to be all set to launch the much-awaited successor of its Galaxy S6 edge smartphone, the Galaxy S7 edge, in the coming months. The Galaxy S7 edge boasts a curved display, and as its launch draws nearer, rumors pertaining to the handset have gathered momentum.

However, rumors and leaks are not the only things keeping Samsung enthusiasts busy. Well-known concept phone designer Martin Hajek came up with a futuristic-looking design for the Galaxy S7 edge.

"Based on current rumors and leaks we made up our minds about how the new model could look like - and came up with a design with many similarities to the S6 - plus some useful tweaks," note the folks at Curved/labs.

This is not the first time a concept design for the much-awaited Samsung flagship has surfaced online. Earlier in October 2015, we reported that the team at 3D Future Design had also devised a unique concept for the Galaxy S7 edge, which showed the handset having no physical buttons and hinted at a wrappable display.

Hajek's vision of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is different from others because it has not two, but three curved screens. Hajek's concept explores the possibility of a Galaxy S7 edge that has an additional curve.

The current-gen Galaxy S6 edge's screen is curved on both its sides. The concept from Hajek shows the smartphone having three curves: on both edges and also at the bottom of the device. The curved display is now longer on the edges alone.

The home button has been built inside the curve along with the two capacitive keys. The concept explores the possibility of a 5.1-inch screen instead of a 5.3-inch one. The primary camera is now "flush with backside."

Moreover, the rear of the concept Galaxy S7 edge shows the device having rounded or soft edges similar to those on the iPhone 6s. Like its predecessor, the device sticks to a metal body for this version as well.

The smartphone's concept also envisions the return of the expandable memory option as it has a microSD card slot. The slot has been located at the bottom of the device. Interestingly, the slot, like traditional readers, does not have an enclosed tray for the microSD card but is instead open.

The USB Type C and 3.55 mm headset jack ports are now on the top of the device. The device also has a super thin border on three of the four edges.

Check out the concept images of the Galaxy S7 edge at this link.

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