Marvel Heroes, the action RPG starring Marvel superheroes and developed by some of the key talent behind Blizzard's Diablo franchise, is getting a major facelift for 2016.

The game's 2016 update just went live, and it includes everything from new heroes, new story content, new costumes, new features and new-and-improved looks for some of the game's original heroes.

Black Cat, voiced by Jennifer Hale, joins the roster of playable heroes, and Deadpool has gotten a major overhaul that practically makes him new. New team-up support characters like Agent Venom have been added, and Captain America, Black Widow and Jean Gray have all gotten visual overhauls to bring them more in line with recent character models.

You'll be able to try out some of the new and improved characters while playing through the game's latest story missions, this time based off of Marvel's "Secret Invasion" event in which the Skrull Empire infiltrates the ranks of Earth's mightiest heroes.

The update also brings the full release of achievements, controller support and leaderboards. To see how much in the game has changed in the past year, Gazillion put together the infographic below. There is a ton of new content across the board, and if you haven't played Marvel Heroes since it launched in 2014, it's practically a brand new game. You can download and play Marvel Heroes on Mac or PC for free by downloading it through Steam.

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