It's just been a few weeks since the Detroit Auto Show where Mercedes-Benz finally took the wraps off its E-Class four-door sedan.

Now it's been discovered that the German luxury car manufacturer has one more thing under wraps to add to the E-Class lineup, and that's the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe.

A spy video of the upcoming coupe, taken somewhere in Germany, shows the car running down a street and stopping at a red light. Except for the most transparent surfaces, every inch of the car was heavily layered in camouflage but there were enough details to make it out as the new E-Class Coupe.

This will be the 10th generation of the E-Class from Mercedes-Benz, and based on the footage, the coupe may just retain the same front-end design as the sedan. The test vehicle was also outfitted with false body panels so that none of the coupe's final design would be revealed.

Even with the E-Class badge, the vehicle is expected to be styled similarly to the new C-Class Coupe and the S-Class Coupe. The roofline is sleeker with a smaller window area than the sedan, and it slopes down into a spoiler on the trunk. Of course, there should be some slight design tweaking to better project the sportier side of the E-Class lineup as it takes on the BMW 6 Series.

That's all that can be seen from the leaked video. Inside, the E-Class Coupe could retain the same or have a similar styling as the sedan, a two-screen instrument cluster and a four-seat layout, as well as the same powertrain.

As the sportier side of the E-Class, a souped-up AMG version of the Coupe is being rumored, too. There is still no video of that out in the wild, but it is expected to have a 4.0-liter V8 engine generating 600 horsepower.

The camouflage wraps and all should come off this Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe sometime in early 2017. The rest of the E-Class range will be complete when the convertible variant also gets its debut towards the end of 2017.

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