Tutlub Is An Online Safe Space For Muslims


Internet users are all too aware that words can sometimes be taken out of context. However, what if comments that you made result in someone accusing you of being a terrorist?

Unfortunately, many Muslims face this issue and feel they are unable to talk about their faith online without fear of just such an accusation. These kinds of mischaracterizations led Yusuf Hassan, a Nigerian tech entrepreneur based in the UK, to create Tutlub, a social media network aimed specifically at being a safe space for Muslims on the Internet.

Anti-Muslim hate has become a real issue around the world, especially with backlash related to the terrorist attacks in Paris and California, as well as people in a position of power like Donald Trump, who has even suggested that Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S. Despite this, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been vocal about the fact that Muslims are welcome on Facebook.

Tutlub, however, is aimed at standing in contrast to fears that social media networks are being used by the likes of ISIS as a recruiting tool. It's a place for Muslims to discuss their faith and find curated content for Muslims. According to Hassan, the site will also monitor the spread of propaganda and try to counter it.

Of course, Tutlub isn't the first social media network aimed specifically at Muslims, but Hassan says that its timing is right, as Muslims need a safe place online and people in countries like Nigeria have more Internet access.

In addition, Tutlub will be monitored by Muslim community leaders and clerics, which may help solve the problem of indoctrination in having such people available for answering questions.

At the heart of Tutlub is the news feed, which is where users will see prayers from those they follow. The equivalent to the "like" button on Facebook is the "Amin," or "Amen," button to like someone's prayer. Another feed will allow users to ask community leaders questions, and users can be ask anonymously if they want.

Of course, some could misunderstand the new network as being aimed at further segregating Muslims from non-Muslims. Hassan suggests that that is not the idea of Tutlub and says that Muslims should also be part of other social networks.

"Our aim is to help Muslims to be better Muslims, showcase the best examples of Muslims and also help vulnerable Muslims from [being] misled," said Hassan in an interview with CNet

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