Drone manufacturer DJI makes some pretty interesting drones, but it seems like it aims to make some pretty interesting retail stores, too.

The company has announced plans to build a second flagship retail store that's expected to open in March, and will span five stories and 870-square-meters (9,365 square feet), enabling users to see and try out firsthand the drones that the company has to offer.

The store will be built in Seoul, South Korea, and follows on the heels of a store opened in Shenzen, China, in December. As in the first store, the new one will show off more than just the company's drones, also showcasing its range of cameras, including devices like the DJI Osmo, a 4K, 3-axis stabilized handheld camera.

According to renders of the store, it seems as though it will have a wind tunnel-like structure for users to test out drones, just like in the Shenzen store.

A spokesperson for the company said that it has no plans to continue to expand its retail store lineup.

"For us, getting the retail experience right is far more important than the rapid opening of retail stores," said the spokesperson in an interview with Fast Company. "For now, we've selected two locations - Shenzhen and Seoul - where we see both opportunity to grow and to offer a hands-on, immersive experience for customers."

Of course, it's not like the company needs retail stores to be dominant in the market. In fact, based on its estimates, it has so far been able to take over a whopping 70 percent of the drone sales market without brick-and-mortar stores.

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