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Monkeys Use New ‘Eagle’ Calls To Warn Each Other Of Flying Drones

West African green monkeys don't have an alarm call for aerial threats. However, when faced with one, these monkeys learned quickly and used eagle alarm calls that are not a part of their everyday language.

Animals May 29, 2019

Drones With Bird Claws Could Save More Battery Life

Adding a bird-like claw to drones could extend and save more of its battery life. The talon-like gripper could allow the drone to perch on the side of buildings and continue its monitoring while resting.

Robotics May 8, 2019

DJI Dispels Rumors Of Phantom Drone Discontinuation

DJI has gone on record to officially state the main reason for the lack of the Phantom 4 drone in stores. It's due simply to a shortage of parts from a certain supplier.

Gadgets April 30, 2019

Drone Successfully Delivers Kidney For Organ Transplant In Historic Flight

A drone takes flight to deliver precious cargo: a donor kidney ready for transplantation. It's the first time an unmanned aircraft has ever delivered an organ.

Public Health April 30, 2019

NASA Is Testing Swarms Of Tiny Cicada-Like Drones

NASA tested CICADA drones that can monitor the weather and atmosphere. The tiny flyers have been developed by the U.S. Navy with the hopes of deploying the drones in hostile territories.

Robotics April 23, 2019

DJI Mavic 2 Leak: Here's What The Drone Looks Like, And What It Will Offer

A leaked image allegedly showed the next DJI drone, the DJI Mavic 2. Speculated features for the DJI Mavic Pro successor include swappable sensors and gimbals, as well as 360-degree obstacle avoidance.

Gadgets July 8, 2018

Facebook Shuts Down Solar-Powered Internet Drone Project: So What Happens Now?

An official blog post made by Facebook confirmed the end of its solar-powered drone development. The company revealed that it will continue all research alongside experienced aerospace companies such as Airbus instead.

Internet June 28, 2018

Drone Video Shows Retired Ferry Sinking To Ocean Floor To Be Part Of Artificial Reef

Retired ferry MV Twin Capes was sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to become part of the Del-Jersey-Land artificial reef. The sinking of the vessel, which took only minutes, was captured on video by a drone.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2018

Parrot Anafi Vs DJI Mavic Air: The Battle Of The Folding 4K Drones

The Parrot Anafi is a folding 4K drone that will challenge the DJI Mavic Air. The new Parrot drone weighs only 0.7 pounds, features a 21 MP camera, and has a battery life of 25 minutes.

Gadgets June 7, 2018

Latest Time Magazine Cover Made Up Of Nearly 1,000 Drones

To complement its cover story on the pervasiveness of drones in our current world, Time magazine made a dazzling cover. It partnered with Intel to light up 958 drones in the sky, which formed the magazine’s iconic border and logo.

Gadgets June 1, 2018

MIT Scientists Build VR Training Grounds For AI Drones

A team of scientists from MIT created a new VR training area for its AI drones. The new system relies on virtual reality to configure the autonomous machine to fly around obstacles, both static and moving.

Innovators/Innovations May 23, 2018

The Rise Of The Smuggler Drones? $80 Million Worth Of iPhones Flown Into China

Authorities took down a major smuggling operation that utilized drones. The smugglers used drones to fly a pair of 200-meter cables between Hong Kong and Shenzhen in mainland China, sneaking $80 million worth of iPhones across the border.

Gadgets March 31, 2018

Amazon Patents New Delivery Drone That Responds To Human Gestures

Amazon's new delivery drone can react to people waving or flailing their arms around. It would be able to adjust its behavior depending on the gesture that a person makes.

Gadgets March 23, 2018

NASA Might Send A Drone To Mars In Addition To New Rover

The Mars 2020 rover mission could be a trip for two. NASA is reportedly testing a drone that will fly and examine Mars from above.

Space March 19, 2018

DJI Mavic Air Takes Flight: $799 Drone Finds Sweet Spot Between Spark And Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Air, which comes with a $799 price tag, fits into the sweet spot between the $399 Spark and the $999 Mavic Pro. The drone features a 4K camera on-board and 21 minutes of flight time.

Gadgets January 24, 2018

AirSelfie COO Carl Ivarsson Talks AirSelfie2 Launch At CES 2018

AirSelfie COO Carl Ivarsson talks with Tech Times about launching AirSelfie2 at CES 2018, AirSefie2's battery life, upgraded smartphone app, and the development process for AirSelfie2.

Gadgets January 12, 2018

GoPro Karma Drone Disaster Leads To Hundreds Of Layoffs: Maybe GoPro Should Stick To Cameras?

TechCrunch learned that GoPro is laying off hundreds of workers this week. The downsizing largely affects the company's aerial division, which is responsible for the creation of the Karma drone.

Business Tech January 7, 2018

Drones Deliver Blood In Rwanda, Slashing Shipment Times And Saving Lives

Silicon Valley-based Zipline partnered with the health ministry of Rwanda to enable 'Uber for Blood.' The service has delivered over 5,500 units of blood over the past year, reducing shipment times to 30 minutes and saving lives in the process.

Public Health January 3, 2018

Are Robots Better Pilots? NASA Pits Human Pilot vs. AI And Here's What Happened

Robot-controlled drone against human-controlled drone and scores in accuracy and consistency. JPL researchers positive after AI's performance in drone flying.

Computers November 25, 2017

Remember The Controversial Lily Drone? It's Back, But It Should Have Stayed Buried

The controversial Lily Drone is back, but with none of the technology that made its Kickstarter campaign raise $34 million. The drone should have stayed in its grave, but there is one silver lining in its revival.

Gadgets September 5, 2017

DJI Spark Drones Will Not Fly Starting Sept. 1 Unless Owners Install Mandatory Firmware Update

DJI will roll out a firmware update for the Spark after reports that some drones were falling out of the sky. For safety, DJI will prevent Spark drones that have not upgraded their firmware from taking flight starting Sept. 1.

Gadgets August 23, 2017

The World's Fastest Drone Flies At 179.6 MPH (That's Faster Than A Tesla Model S)

The Drone Racing League's RacerX claimed the title as the world's fastest drone by reaching a top speed of 179.6 miles per hour. Will the RacerX drone soon find its way into the league's official races?

Gadgets July 15, 2017

France Is Working On Drone Trains To Power Its High-Speed Rail

France is set to become one of the first nations to automate part of its high-speed rail system by beginning work on drone trains. By 2023, these trains should be ready for passenger service.

Industry/Commercial June 16, 2017

Drones Could Carry Defibrillators And Save Lives According To Swedish Researchers

As drones are finding new uses in commercial delivery and military applications, the medical field is starting to look into applications as well. Thanks to a Swedish study, drones with defibrillators could be the first step.

Innovators/Innovations June 14, 2017

NASA OKs 3 New Studies On Drones And Autonomous Vehicle Technology

NASA picked three teams to research autonomous technologies for drones and unmanned aircraft. One of the projects will focus on algorithms for autonomous systems in aviation, while the other two will tackle remotely-piloted drones.

Space June 6, 2017

Intel Consumer Drone Not Happening, CEO Brian Krzanich Says

Intel has no plans to release a consumer drone, even though it’s reaching significant developments with the technology. Tagging itself as a data company, Intel appears to be more interested in data collection and processing than profiting from its drones.

Gadgets June 2, 2017

Safe Drone Crash-Landing? This NASA Technology Can Help

NASA researchers are developing a software for safe drone crash-landing. After all, drone emergencies can potentially become more common as the unmanned aerial vehicles increase in numbers.

Robotics May 30, 2017

Spark Is Arguably DJI's Mini Mainstream Drone That Almost Anyone Can Fly Easily

DJI just unveiled the Spark, a tiny drone that stands to be its first truly mainstream product. Marketed as a storytelling tool, the $499 drone features gesture-based controls, utmost portability, and more.

Gadgets May 25, 2017

Trump Administration Proposes Rules For Police To Track And Shoot Down Drones

The Trump administration has reportedly proposed changes in legislation to allow law enforcement to 'track, hack, and destroy' drones, according to a new report. The White House wants to pass it as part of the National Defense Authorization Act.

Defense May 25, 2017

Hobbyists No Longer Have To Register Their Drones As Court Ruling Blocks FAA Requirement

Appeals court judges in Washington D.C. agreed with a legal challenge against the drone registration program of the Federal Aviation Administration. If the ruling is enforced, hobbyists will no longer have to register their drones.

Gadgets May 20, 2017

This Flying Sphere Has A Drone Inside: Meet The World's First Spherical Drone Display

NTT Docomo has announced the world's first spherical drone display and it will demonstrate it later this month. The flying sphere features an LED frame and houses a drone at its center, but it will take a while to hit the market.

Gadgets April 27, 2017

The $75,000 Flying Eye Is The First Broadcast Quality 6K VR Drone In The World

The Flying Eye by 360 Designs is the first broadcast quality, live streaming virtual reality drone in the world. The $75,000 device highlights the growing importance of 360-degree content in media and the expanding applications of drone technology.

Gadgets April 17, 2017

Leaked DJI Spark Looks Like A Little Mavic Pro: Is The Drone For Racing Or Selfies?

Leaked images of the next DJI drone, supposedly named the Spark, have surfaced. The drone, which looks like a smaller Mavic Pro, is speculated to have a parimary purpose of either selfies or racing.

Gadgets April 7, 2017

Here's How NASA Plans To Explore Mars With Unmanned Drones

NASA is on course to develop a new drone for Martian research and exploration. The unmanned drone, dubbed Mars Electric Flyer, will fly in the Martian atmosphere for in-depth exploration of the planet.

Space April 4, 2017

Land Rover Discovery Project Hero Search And Rescue SUV Sports A Drone On Top

Land Rover unveiled a special Discovery SUV dubbed Project Hero, designed to help in search and rescue operations. The vehicle aims to serve as a fully equipped mobile command unit complete with a roof-mounted drone and could be a real game-changer in emergency situations.

Car Tech March 8, 2017

Snap Also Exploring 360 Cameras: Is This A Better Idea Than Selling Drones?

Snap, the company behind Snapchat and the Spectacles, is said to be exploring 360 cameras. Should the company pursue such a product, or should it go ahead with its recently reported interest in drones?

Gadgets March 1, 2017

Beyond Snapchat And Spectacles: Snap Reportedly Working On A Camera Drone

With the Snap IPO just around the corner, news just surfaced that the company has reportedly been working on a camera drone. The project could significantly boost its appeal and help it better position itself as a modern camera company.

Gadgets March 1, 2017

Level Up! Silver Iodide-Laden Drone Brings Cloud Seeding Higher

Unmanned aircrafts find its new use in pulling out water from sky. Flying unmanned and at an altitude of 400 feet above icy mountains and dangerous terrains, it eliminates the risk of manned aircraft in conducting cloud seeding operation.

Robotics February 28, 2017

DJI M200 Drone Takes Flight At MWC 2017: Rugged UAV Ready To Take On Industrial Missions

DJI unveiled its new M200 drone at the 2017 Mobile World Congress. The rugged unmanned aerial vehicle was designed to take on industrial jobs that are very difficult or dangerous for humans to do.

Gadgets February 27, 2017

Microsoft Leads $26 Million Investment In Drone Air Traffic Control Startup AirMap

AirMap, a startup working on technology that acts as air traffic control for drones, raised $26 million in a funding round. The investment was led by Microsoft Ventures and supported by Airbus Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures, among others.

Microsoft February 24, 2017

France Is Training Eagles To Hunt And Take Terrorist Drones Out Of The Sky

The military of France is training eagles as a natural solution to take out drones from the sky. Using eagles instead of weapons to destroy drone threats has proven to be both quick and effective.

Defense February 22, 2017

Exyn’s AI Software Helps Autonomous Drones Navigate The Dark And Avoid Obstacles

Autonomous drones may soon gain situational awareness that enable them to travel smarter. With the help of Exyn’s artificial intelligence software for UAVs, people may soon bark destinations at drones, and they’ll find their way there without any human intervention.

Apps/Software February 22, 2017

UPS Shows Off Delivery Truck That Can Launch Packages Via Drones

UPS has tested its first drone-assisted delivery, putting a drone atop a delivery truck that launches autonomously to offload packages, while the vehicle sets off to make another delivery. Still, FAA’s regulations loom in the distance.

Gadgets February 21, 2017

World’s First Manned Electric Hoverbike Looks Fun (And Dangerous)

Watch the Scorpion-3 electric hoverbike in motion. It might not be as fast as your sci-fi speeder bikes, but it surely is a step closer to make sci-fi modes of transportation a reality.

Car Tech February 21, 2017

Amazon Wants To Deliver Your Packages Using Drones And Parachutes

Amazon was granted a patent that allows the online retail company to use drones when delivering packages. According to the patent, Amazon plans to use parachutes, compressed air, or landing flaps to ensure accuracy in its deliveries.

Gadgets February 16, 2017

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