Action photographers, take note. Canon has just unveiled the EOS-1D X Mark II, a camera which is said to combine the 1D X and the 1D C plus several significant enhancements.

The 1D X Mark II features the company's first full-frame dual-pixel CMOS and the first Canon camera to have 4K video capabilities outside of the company's Cinema EOS line. The camera retains most of the body control design and layout of its predecessors, but the similarities end there.

The 1D X Mark II packs the newly-developed 20.2-megpixel 3mm full-frame Canon CMOS sensor and is capable of continuous shooting speeds of a maximum 14 frames per seconds with auto exposure and predictive autofocus for shooting through the viewfinder and up to 16 frames per second in live view mode.

The camera also features dual DIGIC 6+ image processors which are able to transfer images at very high speeds for extended bursts while shooting continuously, at up to a maximum of 170 consecutive RAW pictures at 14 frames per second. When taking images saved in JPEG format, the capacity is only limited by the storage space of the memory card.

The 1D X Mark II is also capable of shooting 4K 60p video and full HD 120p video, with dual-pixel CMOS autofocus. The camera also features enhanced wireless capabilities through the optional dual-band wireless transmitter which supports the new IEEE 802.11ac standard and compatibility with the Camera Connect app of Canon to transfer images and videos to select smartphone models easily.

All of these features are packed within a magnesium alloy body with a rugged construction and weather resistance. The camera also has a Digital Lens Optimizer function that offers users with high-quality aberration correction so that the photographers will be able to deliver images despite not having access to an external computer.

One of the dual card slots of the camera has received an update to CFast-standard CompactFlash, with Canon increasing the throughout speed of the 1D X Mark II's Ethernet port to 330MBps. The company also expanded the capacity of the camera's battery, along with adding a USB 3.0 port and a headphone jack.

"The innovations within Canon's new EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR camera clearly set a new standard for professional cameras," said Canon USA COO and President Yuichi Ishizuk. He added that the development of the camera involved the incorporation of performance enhancements which were requested by users to be able to provide to ultimate EOS camera to professional photographers.

"This camera is a huge step forward," said professional photographer Damian Strohmeyer who is also a Canon Explorer of Light.

The 1D X Mark II will start shipping in April to authorized dealers of Canon USA with an expected price of $5,999 for the body and $6,299 for the premium kit which includes a 64 GB CFast memory card and a card reader. The initial retail price is lower compared to that of the original 1D X when it was released and is a few hundreds of dollars cheaper compared to the Nikon D5, which is the camera's main competition.

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