Customers of Canon may find a very portable, strongly featured, powerful line of cameras in the G line.

The American photo equipment producer released two new models in the series: the G5 X and the G9 X, that provide a full list of options and two weight categories.

In 2014, Canon packed a potent 20 megapixel one-inch sensor into the G7 X compact, pocket-size camera. 2015 bought the G3 X, a version of the device having the identical sensor but with significant better zoom lens. The two new additions follow suit, but differ only in size and exterior aspects.

Due to the presence of a welcomed 2.36 million dot OLED electronic viewfinder, the G5 X is the sturdier camera of the two, pulling 13.3 oz. Canon fans commended the presence of the EVF, as electronic viewfinders are already commonplace on other brands. It makes it easier for photographers to assess the composition in bright light and adds stability in comparison with a from-hand shot. It was nice to see that, although G3 X did not sport an EVF, the G5 X remedied that deficiency.

The G7 X lens (24-100mm f/1.8-2.8 equivalent glass), as well as the Digic 6 processor, are present in G5 X's configuration. For shootings where an exterior flash makes a difference, a hot-shoe is available. Also, it can be used to connect a microphone to the camera. The extra dial on the face of the G5 X controls exposure, giving the photographer more control over the details. A full-flipping, rotating LCD, was also added. Canon's Remote Switch works on G5 X thanks to the addition of the 3.5mm mini-jack.

G9 X is the smaller of the two new digital cameras, and is comparable in size with the Powershot models S100 and S120. In spite of being tiny, its processor and sensor are identical with the ones from G5 X. What gives, then? The LCD is fixed and the telephoto lens are not as potent. G9 X has 24-70 mm f/2.8-4.9 optics, whereas G5X had 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8 lens.

The fixed LCD has a smartly implemented touch menu which helps users navigate its settings. A control ring placed around the lens aids the fine tuning of the photo.

Canon appears to have focused more on the design of the G9 X. As such, there are a couple of finishings: classic black or retro-style, silver-gray body with brown stitched leather accents are the two looks of the PowerShoot successor.

Video capacity for both models is identical with the one on G7 X, 1080p video respectively. G5 X and G9 X are designed to work with the Camera Connect App that enables wireless transfer and remote operation, using compatible Android and iOS devices.

The G5 X and the G9 X will both ship in Nov. 2015, at recommended prices of $799.99 and $529.99, respectively.

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