Instagram wants its users to enjoy a cinematic experiment in form of an exclusive thriller named "Shield 5," one that is nothing like you've seen before.  

Instagram is mostly known for being a platform where fitness posers, fashion bloggers and celebrities share (read: brag about) the goings-on in their daily lives. However, the image-based social media app is now exploring the wonders of filmmaking with a thriller series.

Called "Shield 5," the thriller series gets "screen time" on Instagram all throughout February. All 28 episodes are just 15 seconds long. The action takes place in London, unfolding the story of a diamond heist and the consequent police chase.

In the first episode you'll meet John Swift, the main character who does his best to escape from the police.

The 28 episodes are very short, so viewers should not expect elaborate character developments or an immersive backstory. We wouldn't bet on plot twists like friends that transforming into enemies in "Shield 5."

Anthony Wilcox is the creator and director of the short series. With assistant director credits under his belt, Wilcox should know how to make the best out of the experimental format.

For some time now, the global cinema industry has welcomed very short movie pieces as legitimate works of art. In 2013, the Tribeca Film Festival created a new category to accommodate Vine videos. Although it was challenging for filmmakers to tell their story in a mere six seconds, the products managed to match the demand. In 2014, film festival Tropfest implemented a Vine category in its own right.

Sometimes, Vines work better as news-footage than showcases of artistic potential.

The most-looped video of last year, for instance, was shot during the France-Germany friendly soccer game from Nov. 2015. The soccer match took place at the same time as the Paris terrorist attacks, and an explosion can even be heard in the background of the video.  

We are curious to see where the Instagram series will take social media, or if how significantly it will impact the digital world. Even if it does seem gimmicky, "Shield 5" could spark a new medium for narratives that will keep audiences engaged.

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