Amazon Kindle E-Reader Getting New Update This Month, Finally Improving Home Screen: Here's What You Get


Amazon's Kindle e-reader finally gets a new update, which brings a number of notable features that book lovers will truly enjoy.

One of the major changes brought by the free update is an enhanced user interface that adds more personalized features to the much-neglected Home screen.

Readers will now be able to access their most recent books more easily through the upper left portion of the enhanced Home screen. It also has the option called My Library, where readers can view all e-books in their Kindle library.

Another way to view the e-book collection is by tapping the "All" option, which will also allow them to view their e-books in the Cloud. This option appears side by side with "Downloaded," which displays e-books that were downloaded to the device.

The over-the-air (OTA) software update also brings a new section in Kindle known as "My Reading Lists," found on the Home screen's upper right hand corner. Some of the items that the reader can view on this new section include the books on the Amazon Wish List, downloaded e-book samples and books that are saved on the reader's Goodreads Want to Read.

The next added feature to the Home screen is the personalized book recommendations. By simply rotating the bottom part of the Home Screen, readers can start viewing bestselling book titles, Goodreads titles that friends are currently reading and more. Readers will also get new recommended titles every time they resume their device from sleep mode.

The update also brings an enhanced toolbar that now includes popular settings such as device sync and airplane mode. Readers who need to access these settings can now do so more easily with just a single tap on the toolbar.

Amazon also encourages readers to help them in enhancing further the device's recommended titles section.

In order for readers to start discovering more collectible titles, they can provide information such as their favorite genres, as well as rating some titles in their chosen genres. This way, readers will be able to enjoy a list of personalized recommendations that they can start reading as a sample copy or they can add to their Goodreads Want to Read section.

Lastly, readers who are keen on sharing their favorite e-book title or quote on social media sites will now be able to do so with a single tap on the Web browser. Whether they are using their PC, phone, or tablet, friends and family can instantly read the book's free preview. This preview doesn't require them to download or have a Kindle account.

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