If Ninja Turtles Wore Shoes, These Would Be The Perfect Sneakers For Them


We've seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, action figures complete with vehicles and accessories, video games, food tie-ins and even concert tours, and now the latest addition to this string of seemingly unending (but nonetheless cool) Ninja Turtles merch is a sleek, two-toed shoe.

Designers Hussain Almossawi and Quintin Williams said that while the footwear is not intended to be the design of a real shoe, it was a case study on what it would be like to design for a non-human target audience.

And what better market than our childhood heroes, the TMNT.

"The shoe's ergonomic design allows for ultimate comfort while it fits their 2 large fingers which is how their feet anatomy looks like," said Almossawi and Williams in the gallery description for the shoes.

The colors and patterns are inspired by the TMNT - the bright green/black camouflage color scheme is inspired by their shells and their ability to hide inside their shells. The ribbon, designed to provide additional support, is based on Raphael's mask. The sneakers are rendered lace-less, to dismiss the chance of the TMNT tripping mid-combat.

The shoes contain small holes, just enough for ventilation and enhanced breathability, and the design is inspired by the TMNT's turtle shell hexagons.

"The interesting this is that turtles actually absorb oxygen through their skin, and we try to mimic the same concept here, to give the shoe more context and meaning behind its design," added the artists.

Here are a few photos of the Ninja Turtle Shoes' final design and white mock-up from the artists' official gallery.

Meanwhile, here are a few other pairs of shoes that intersect fashion and design.

Enko Suspension

This high performance shoe is equipped with shock absorbers that are adapted to your weight. The two shock absorbers conserve the energy stored in each stride, and gives it back as you lift your heel of the ground again.


These shoes feature a hands-free, auto-lacing system. By inserting your foot into the shoe, you trigger a lacing system mechanism, meaning that the total energy need to lace your shoes is entirely provided by your body.

Lechal Haptic Footwear

These shoes are made for walking. Despite having electronic pods and sheepskin lining, they are lightweight and perfect for long walks. The pods can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and power your shoes.

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