Destiny recently hit a rough patch. The game's lack of substantial new content and the fanbase's so far less-than-enthusiastic response to seasonal events means more than a few hardcore Destiny fans have left the game for greener pastures.

It's very clear Bungie knows it needs to do something, and fast. A new employee stepped into the role of Bungie CEO and president toward the end of January, and now, Bungie is sending out a simple one-question survey to players that asks how much fun they've had in their most recent Destiny experience.

Players can choose a response on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being not fun and 5 being very fun. There is also a comment box where players can type a response. If you didn't get a survey yourself, you can check it out below via VG247.

It's a little sad and very telling. We've had our own gripes about the game recently that echo much of what the community's already said, primarily that Destiny's severe lack of new content and Bungie's almost complete lack of communication is killing the game that hooked so many when it released back in September 2014. 

More than a few fans thought The Taken King was the shot in the arm the game needed, and it certainly seemed to fix many problems that the original Destiny had. However, the excellent expansion pack only lasted a month or two before players had already conquered everything it had to offer. Now, with no substantial new content in the past five months, fans aren't happy.

There is no telling how the responses to this survey will direct Bungie's efforts in the future, but we're willing to bet more than a few of those comment boxes aren't going to be filled in by happy campers. 

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