Peach Launches New Gaming Feature In Latest App Update


The social media messaging app Peach released a new update on Thursday that brings gaming to its platform.

Best described as Twitter meets group messaging app, Peach already includes quite a few features that allow users to express themselves creatively. By typing "magic words" like draw, shout, gif or song, the commands then allow users to doodle, share what song they are listening to or post a gif to best show how they are feeling.

Now, users can further kill time in between looking at their friends' feeds by playing Peachball, the new in-app gaming feature that was just introduced.

Peachball is the app's version of basketball, where the user must swipe the ball to make it into the basket to earn points — of course, always trying to beat the previous high score.

To start a game of Peachball, type in the magic word "play," and the game will appear. Toss the ball into the basket to gain one point. If the player misses the basket, they lose one throw. When all five throws are lost, the game is over.

After a few shots, a new ball will appear. Ball options include the classic b-ball, a bag of money, the world, a bomb, a cookie and a CD. Each time the ball changes, so does the angle of the basket, making it harder the more the player advances.

Along with the new Peachball game, the messaging app also got some new updates, which include now being able to log in with the username or password, the ability to see which friends are currently online and the option to auto-accept all friend requests. This can be done by going to Profile > Settings > More > Friend Requests.

Other cool features include new wave/boop actions. These actions will now include a few new verbs that will be changed daily.

Peach users can now also send their customized URL to their friends, who, in turn, can add the user directly to their friend's list.

The team at Peach is still accepting submission for testing its Android beta. Those interested can sign up here.

Source: Peach

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