Taiwanese LEGO fan Zio Chao built a relatively massive version of the Shield helicarrier featured in the Avengers film from Marvel. There’s an official set based on the helicarrier, but Chao’s build clocks in at twice the size.

The full build, which features an underlying LEGO Technic beam chassis for its skeleton, measures 140 centimeters by 80 centimeters — or 4.5 feet by 2.6 feet or so, for those not hip to the metric system. It’s so big that there’s 14 distinct sections that can come apart, including three just for the body.

Chao didn’t build the thing alone, however. The Brothers Brick credits “Dada, Kimura, Kuan-Wei, Stephanie, Tiger and Will from the Formosa LEGO club” as helping out over the course of the month and a half it took to cobble the thing together. There’s apparently something like five times more LEGO pieces in Chao’s helicarrier as there are in the official LEGO set. For those following along at home, that means somewhere around 15,000 individual LEGO bits.

Speaking with the Brothers Brick, Chao admitted that getting all the bits together and organizing them for ease of building was the most annoying part of the endeavor, but the shiny-looking flightdeck was also a pain as it was “built from lateral-facing plates to make it glossy and detailed; it looks simple, but was a large math task to calculate how to match the pattern on the real thing.”

Unfortunately for everyone else, the build is not available for purchase. It is currently on display at a LEGO store in Taipei, Taiwan.

Via: Kotaku

Photo: Zio Chao | Flickr

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