Apple boss Tim Cook, along with other top Apple executives, held a town hall meeting with the company's employees at the Infinite Loop headquarters in Cupertino, speaking about several issues. Among the announcements and hints Cook talked about range from offering more Apple services for Android, Apple Watch sales, future iPad growth and more.

Citing its sources in attendance at the event, 9to5Mac reports that the chief executive brought up porting more Apple services to Google's Android. Reportedly, Cook said that the company is using Apple Music on Android as a strategy for testing the waters of boosting its services via new platforms, hence, paving the way to launching more cross-platform services down the road.

Speculation is rife suggesting that the Cupertino-based company could be bringing iTunes music, book and video sales to Android, plus its rumored streaming TV offering.

The chief executive also underscored that he is particularly bullish on the iPad line. He went on to say that he is expecting that the sales revenue growth of iPad will return before this year ends. There is no denying that sales for Apple's iPad have been heading downward for quite a few quarters. Perhaps, this is brought about by the rise in popularity of phablets in the overcrowded market, including its iPhone 6s Plus. Furthermore, upgrade cycles for the iPad is not so quick as opposed to smartphones.

The company's iPad Air 3 is believed to come out this spring, along with the highly purported 4-inch iPhone 5se plus new versions of Apple's smart timepiece. The third-generation iPad Air will allegedly come packed with a stunning 4K display, 4 GB of RAM and a humongous battery. This could help reinvigorate iPad sales.

Furthermore, Cook also covered other essential matters, confirming that some of the employees must already be stepping into its Campus 2 before January 2017 ends. With regard to employees' benefits, Apple has boosted its paternity and maternity benefits must be available in other company's operating countries outside the United States. Plus, should its employees need to take care of sick family members, they are now entitled for up to four weeks of paid leave.

The CEO also noted that Apple Watch is among its "hottest" holiday presents. Cook said that sales of its Apple Watch surpassed those of the original iPhone during its first holiday quarter way back 2007.

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