In an announcement made by Firaxis and Valve, the upcoming and highly-anticipated XCOM 2 will feature native support for the Steam Controller.

The final version of the Steam Controller was unveiled by Valve in March of last year and then released in the fall. The device features two large touchpads in addition to the traditional face buttons and triggers of video game controllers, along with accelerometer and gyroscope sensors.

In a detailed post on the Steam Community website, it was said that support for the Steam Controller will allow XCOM 2 gamers to use different control schemes based on the situation inside the game.

The post also said that the camera controls for the game will feature high precision and responsiveness in Tactical and Geoscape view by using the Steam Controller's trackpads. Lastly, the Steam Controller will also allow users to select abilities utilizing the flexibility of the device's Touch Menus.

The announcement, however, stresses that the native support for the Steam Controller is only an initial configuration, with the XCOM 2 development team open to listen to feedback from the community regarding the usage of the hardware in the game.

In addition to Steam Controller native support, the announcement revealed that there will be a bundle for XCOM 2 and the Steam Controller that will shave off 40 percent from the total retail price of the game and the device. The bundle will only be available for a limited time, with the discount also available to customers that have already sent in their pre-orders for XCOM 2.

The game carries price of $60 on the Steam Store for preorders, while the Steam Controller is being sold for $50. With a 40 percent discount, the total cost of the XCOM 2 and Steam Controller bundle would be at $66.

Upon the game's release on Feb. 5, three mods will be available to players. The first mod is the Submachine Gun series, which adds one SMG to each of the three weapon levels of magnetic, conventional and beam. The second mod calls for the Muton Centurion, a tougher version of the alien that is able to grant bonuses to other aliens. Lastly, the third mod provides a Leader path to all XCOM soldiers.

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